49ers Trade Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs

So much for a decision has not been made on what to do with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

The veteran player is headed to the Midwest to play for the Kansas City Chiefs.

On Wednesday, the two teams agreed to the trade. However, it won’t become official until the league year starts on March 12 according to Fox Sports Jay Glazer but the Chiefs have a “clear commitment” to the player.

What do the 49ers get in return? According to NFL.com, they’ll get a second-round draft pick this year and in 2014, a conditional draft pick. This means the team now has two picks from the top 34 and a minimum of five picks over the first three rounds for this year’s draft.

From this, it also suggests Smith may see a new contract. For 2013, he was in the last year of his current deal and was set to make $7.5 million.

As for the Chiefs, they now have a quarterback that can hit the ground running. They also believe that Smith will be the team’s quarterback for the next “several” years.

With a quarterback stable that includes Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, Cassel is likely to be let go by the team in the next few days, reported NFL.com. The player had two years left on his $63 million, six-year contract that he signed with the team in 2009 after the New England Patriots had traded him.

While he had a few bright moments in the early days, he fell short and by last season, Cassel was warming the Chiefs bench.

As for Smith, he also faced some bench time last season but this came after he suffered a concussion in the Week 10 game versus the St. Louis Rams. Enter sophomore quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Smith never started again for the team and you could say the rest is history.

Prior to his injury, Smith was the NFL leader with his 70 percent completion rating; he fared well under Greg Roman’s offense and with his new coach, Reid, it is believed should perform well in his West Coast offense.

Smith was drafted by 49ers in 2005 as the league’s No. 1 overall pick that year. He got off to a rough start but thrived in the last two seasons under 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

Along with an expectation to succeed under Reid, who’s been known to produce some good quarterbacks, Smith will also have the Chiefs offensive weapons of running back Jamaal Charles and wide receivers Jon Baldwin and maybe Dwayne Bowe should the team decide to tag him.

In his 80-game career, Smith has 14,280 passing yards, 81 touchdowns and 63 picks.

With this trade, look for the quarterback shuffle to begin. Where will Cassel land? What about Matt Flynn? What about rookie Geno Smith?

And who ever said there’s an offseason for the NFL?

Debbie Baratz

Deb has been writing about the NFL and NCAA football for the last few years. She is a full-time writer and an avid sports fan. Follow her on twitter @ldbar.

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