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Want to Own Stock in Arian Foster?

Want to Own Stock in Arian Foster?

First it was fantasy football, then insurance on your favorite fantasy player and now you can take a financial interest in your favorite sports player. On Thursday, the new Fantex Brokerage Services opened for business and will enable fans to invest in stock connected to the performance from an athlete’s brand. In other words, buying

Is It Time for the Texans to Move on From Matt Schaub?

On Wednesday afternoon, Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak named quarterback Matt Schaub as his starter for this week’s game against the St. Louis Rams. This comes after the player had been benched in last Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. The naming didn’t come with huge vote of confidence by Kubiak. He said

Looking at the Best Running Back Backups in the NFL

For every starting running back, its NFL team needs a good backup (or two). Some of these players may either take over in the starting role or get their opportunity in the next season. They may also be guys you may want to add to your fantasy teams as well. Take a look. Ben Tate

NFL Players Who Became Coaches

For many NFL players, once their careers end, they disappear and pursue careers outside the sports arena. But for others, they will make the leap to coaching with some landing as head NFL coaches. Currently, numerous league teams have these players at the helm, some finding more success than others. Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys) –¬†Garrett

Ranking Top Ten Fantasy Football Wide Receivers of 2013

In addition to ranking the Top 10 fantasy running backs, another key position on any fantasy team is the wide receiver. In this pass-happy league, there’s a lot of depth at this position and for 2013, this top receivers will all look familiar. For one, it’s appropriate to say welcome back to the list. Calvin

Tom Zbikowski Signs with the Bears, Shane Lechler Inks Deal with Texans

Zbikowski, Williams Sign with the Bears On Saturday, the Chicago Bears signed free agent safety¬†Tom Zbikowski to a one-year deal. The player had been with the Indianapolis Colts last season and was an 11-game starter–his first season as one. He missed the last five games due to an injury but in his abbreviated season, he

Return of Chad Johnson? Ed Reed to Stay with the Ravens?

It’s been a busy week of recruiting for Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. First he joined a Texans group to recruit former Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, now he’s giving a thumbs-up for former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. As you recall, Johnson didn’t not play in the 2012 season. He was let go

Jones Wants to Remain with the Ravens, Texans Cushing “Ahead of Schedule” for Rehab

After Sunday’s performance in the Super Bowl, if you didn’t know this Baltimore Ravens return specialist’s name, then you do now. Meet Jacoby Jones. The player had a great 2012 season and now he’d like to stick around with the team. The question had been posed to the player whether he is hoping for a