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Looking at the Best Running Back Backups in the NFL

For every starting running back, its NFL team needs a good backup (or two). Some of these players may either take over in the starting role or get their opportunity in the next season. They may also be guys you may want to add to your fantasy teams as well. Take a look. Ben Tate

NFL Players Who Became Coaches

For many NFL players, once their careers end, they disappear and pursue careers outside the sports arena. But for others, they will make the leap to coaching with some landing as head NFL coaches. Currently, numerous league teams have these players at the helm, some finding more success than others. Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys) –¬†Garrett

Fantasy Football’s Wide Receiver Sleeper Picks

With the start of NFL training camps, fantasy football owners will keep their eyes on potential players for their fantasy teams. Along with top players, these owners will also need to find value picks that come later in the draft. These sleeper players, which are not ones who will be starters, can give a team’s

RG3 Called “Superhuman” by Doctor, Ringer Questions Shonn Greene Addition

RG3 Called “super human” by Doctor First Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III had an amazing rookie season but it ended on a disappointing note with his torn ACL. The player had¬†surgery in January and questions swirled whether he’d be good to go for the 2013 regular season. It has been previously reported that RG3

Panthers to Sign Ginn, Pollard Joins the Titans

Ginn Signs One-Year with the Panthers After three years with the San Francisco 49ers, wide receiver Tedd Ginn is ready to move to the east coast and play for the Carolina Panthers. According to ESPN, the player will have a one-year deal with the team. He is coming off a two reception season in 2012

Chris Johnson Doesn’t Like Having a Second RB, Anquan Boldin Excited About Kapernick

Titans Chris Johnson is Not Excited About the Team’s New Running Back In free agency, the Tennessee Titans signed former New York Jets running back Shonn Greene to a three-year, $10 million deal. He’ll bring two consecutive 1,000 yard seasons to his new team. He’s raised eyebrows of his signing by his new teammate, Titans

Ryan Fitzpatrick Lands with the Titans, Packers A.J. Hawk Takes $7 Million Pay Cut

Ryan Fitzpatrick Signs with the Titans So much for all the love by the Cincinnati Bengals. Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatricks has signed a two-year deal with the Tennessee Titans. It won’t be official until he passes a physical. The news came on the heels of the Titans releasing veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck on

Packers TE Jermichael Finley Won’t Take Pay Cut, Chris Johnson Sets Sights on Breaking Dickerson’s Record

Finley Won’t Take a Pay Cut With teams and players readying for free agency, many are looking to players for pay cuts as a way to help with salary cap issues. For one player, he is unwilling to do so for his situation: Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley. His contract has a $8.75

Moss Speaks Out on Former Teammate Britt, Expectations Rising

For this usual man of few words with the media, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss had no problem recently speaking out against his former teammate Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt. Last week, the young player had been in Nashville for a settlement hearing for a 2011 lawsuit filed against him. While Moss