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Can Panthers Buck Rough Schedule to Make Playoffs?

Can Panthers Buck Rough Schedule to Make Playoffs?

On Sunday, the Carolina Panthers won their fifth straight game and this came against the San Francisco 49ers, 10-9. A productive ground game, strong special teams play and a stingy, physical defense all contributed to the victory. In their four previous wins, the Panthers scored a minimum of 30 points and with its win in

Can the Panthers Find Success Moving Away from the Read Option?

With the read option as the latest NFL trend, one team that is going to buck it, is the Carolina Panthers. Instead, they plan to implement other offensive tactics. For Panthers fans, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as the team started moving in this direction back in October. Why do so?

Strangest NFL Injuries

Now that training camp has arrived, injuries are starting to pile up for NFL players. Some have already lost their season while others should return shortly. And for some players that suffer injuries, they may not have come from either the practice field or from games but instead, they just happen from the strange things

NFL Players Who Became Coaches

For many NFL players, once their careers end, they disappear and pursue careers outside the sports arena. But for others, they will make the leap to coaching with some landing as head NFL coaches. Currently, numerous league teams have these players at the helm, some finding more success than others. Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys) – Garrett

Ranking Top Ten Fantasy Football Wide Receivers of 2013

In addition to ranking the Top 10 fantasy running backs, another key position on any fantasy team is the wide receiver. In this pass-happy league, there’s a lot of depth at this position and for 2013, this top receivers will all look familiar. For one, it’s appropriate to say welcome back to the list. Calvin

2013 NFL Draft Grades for the NFC

The eternal three-day NFL 2013 Draft has again come to an end. This year offered some interesting surprises but at the end of the day, teams filled out their rosters with some rookies ready to hit the ground running while others will see playing time at a slower pace. Take a look at the NFC

Panthers to Sign Ginn, Pollard Joins the Titans

Ginn Signs One-Year with the Panthers After three years with the San Francisco 49ers, wide receiver Tedd Ginn is ready to move to the east coast and play for the Carolina Panthers. According to ESPN, the player will have a one-year deal with the team. He is coming off a two reception season in 2012

A Day of Honors: HOF Finalists Announced, RG3 Wins AP Rookie of the Year

On the eve of the Super Bowl Sunday, there are now seven finalists for this year’s NFL Hall of Fame. The list includes the following: former coach Bill Parcells, Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter, Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden,  Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp, Curley Culp and

Rodgers Out for the Pro Bowl, Newton to Hit The Books

Aaron Rodgers Out for the Pro Bowl Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said on his weekly radio show on Tuesday that he won’t be going to the upcoming Pro Bowl. He didn’t go into specifics but said his “multiple lower extremities” injuries, they will disallow from playing in the game. He then added via