Cowboys Bryant Delays Surgery for Possible Playoff Run, Tebowtime This Week?

Taking a risk by not having surgery on his left index finger, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant explained his reason to not have it at this time. It’s all about his first opportunity in three seasons to possible see playoff action.

On Friday, the player said via ESPN, “The position that we are in, that makes me want to be out there. If there was anything less than what we got a chance of, I would have went ahead and got surgery.”

By playing with the injury, Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones had said on Friday Bryant could have stiffness in the finger for the rest of his life.

Bryant plans to be in the team’s starting lineup–even though he is listed as questionable–in the battle of the 7-6 teams with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

His play could be a little limited with some pain as he has his injured finger taped to play. He still had swelling in the finger but he practiced on Friday. According to ESPN, he did catch passes and utilized his hands to fend off press coverage.

To date, Bryant is the team’s leader with his 1,028 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

In other news, one name that has been a little absent from the headlines is New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow. You may want to thank Greg McElroy for that but it appears it may be Tebowtime this week.

On Friday, Jets coach Rex Ryan said the player could see some playing time under the Wildcat-style offense and with special teams as a personal punt protector in Monday’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

This comes after Ryan said on Thursday that Tebow would resume his backup role to starter Mark Sanchez in the usual offense. He got injured on Nov. 11 against the Seattle Seahawks with two broken ribs.

Ryan said of Tebow’s Thursday practice via NFL.com, “He moved around great. This is the best he’s looked in several weeks, so we’ll see. There could be a chance he does the Wildcat. He moved around that good that we may get him back in similar roles.”

After undergoing full days of practices on Thursday and Friday, Tebow said of his progress, “I’m getting better every day. I’m trying to go out there and push it and try to do well.”

As for the prospect of participating in the Wildcat, Tebow said it was business as usual practicing it this week and should he play on Monday, he will a protective flak jacket for his ribs.



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