Cowboys Nearing Tony Romo Extension, High Expectations for 2013

After continuously showing their support for quarterback Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys are closer to giving the player an extension.

Speaking at this week’s NFL Owners Meetings, Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones brought up the topic. He said via ESPN, “It’s not a concern of mine. We all have to decide what date that is. Everybody involved: His agents. Him. Me. Us. The point I do want to make [about] this kind of commitment is I feel good about making it. I feel good about where he is in his career.”

The question was then posed to Jones, while speaking with the media on Tuesday, is the team is nearing a deal? Jones responded, “I’m okay with (saying) that.”

The extension comes as Romo is entering the last year of his contract and has an $11.5 million base salary. This will count as $16.8 million for the team’s salary cap for this season. By extending the player’s contract, it could give additional room for the cap and enable the team to add some free agents.

In addition to the impending extension, Jones also discussed Romo’s skill set for 2013. He said, “Stay tuned. He is going to have high expectations. I expect him to be used. We didn’t extend Troy Aikman although Troy had won three Super Bowls. We didn’t make the financial commitment to Troy not to have Troy be a critical, if not the critical, part of what our team was about and our ability to move the ball. That is going to be the kind of emphasis we have with Romo. He is not going to be paid to be a bus driver.”

Jones then added on the bus driver analogy, “Tony sees remarkably. He sees the cars on the highway, so to speak. He reacts well on what he sees. And he is real good at taking his eye away from it and going back to it and throwing it. Those are really unique skills. We ought to be winning with that. Have we maximized everything that he is about to get it done?”

For the 2012 season, Romo led the NFL with his 19 picks. Three of them came in the team’s season finale against the Washington Redskins, which carried playoff implications.

The team ended at 8-8. The quarterback had 4,903 yards (No. 3 in the league), 65.6 percent completion (No. 5), 28 touchdowns and a 90.5 rating for 2012.


Debbie Baratz

Deb has been writing about the NFL and NCAA football for the last few years. She is a full-time writer and an avid sports fan. Follow her on twitter @ldbar.

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