Cowboys Tag Anthony Spencer Again, Flacco Doesn’t See Contract As Big Deal

Cowboys Tag LB Spencer. Again.

For the second consecutive year, the Dallas Cowboys put the franchise tag on linebacker Anthony Spencer.

The team doesn’t want to lose the player and with the tag, he has a guaranteed salary for one year of $10.63 million should the two sides fail to reach a long-term deal. Spencer’s agent, Jordan Woy, tweeted the news and added a long-term deal is the goal.

It is also possible the Cowboys could trade Spencer for draft picks, according to ESPN.

The five-year veteran had a good 2012 year with career-high 11 sacks and 95 tackles over 14 games. For the 2013 season, Spencer will switch to a defensive end role as the team moves from a 3-4 defensive scheme to the 4-3 under the direction of its new defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin. He will join DeMarcus Ware, who will also now be on the right side.

Earlier on Monday, Dallas released safety Gerald Sensabaugh to save $1.4 million in cap room for Spencer.

Flacco Doesn’t See His New Contract As Big Deal

On Monday, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco officially inked his six-year, $120. 6 million deal. He spoke about signing the contract and well, what’s the big deal?

He said at a press conference via NFL.com, “It was pretty uneventful, to tell you the truth.It’s not really a big deal. Our goal is to win the Super Bowl. That’s always been one of my goals. It’s never necessarily been a goal of mine to get paid like this, it’s just what comes with the job.”

You have to admire Flacco for his patience and belief in himself. Last year, he could have signed a hefty contract from the team. But he waited. Why?

Flacco responded, “Because I thought I was worth more.”

Rewind this time a year ago and you probably didn’t say to yourself, a year from now the Baltimore Ravens have won the Super Bowl and Flacco will be the highest-paid NFL player in history?

For the understated player, the immense amount of money, he doesn’t see it placing additional pressure on him but it did so more in 2012 as he finished up the last year of his contract without a title.

He said of the contract, “It means a lot. It was never necessarily about the money. But it’s definitely about earning that respect.”

So what does he plan to do with the money?

As expected, Flacco simply said, “Just gonna look at it I guess.”

Next up for a potential hefty payday is the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in 2014. Maybe some of Flacco’s luck will rub off on him.

Debbie Baratz

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