Dallas Cowboys News: Rookie Claiborne to Have MRI, Bryant Fires Agent

There’s never a dull moment with the Dallas Cowboys, partially because of its bigger than life owner Jerry Jones. On Friday, two stories came out from the Lone Star state.

Rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne had an MRI on his sore right knee on Friday. The injury wasn’t perceived as serious; it happened on Wednesday and after two days, the test was seen as merely precautionary.

According to Jones regarding Claiborne’s injury via ESPN, “He had a little twinge there in his knee and our trainers thought it would be best to give him the afternoon off. At this time we are not concerned.”

As if Jones would say the team was actually concerned.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett provided a few more details regarding Claiborne. He said, “He got treatment on it (Thursday). His knee flared up a little bit on him, so he tried to go in the early part of practice and we took him out of it.”

This injury comes after Claiborne suffered from a wrist injury earlier this year, which crushed his offseason workouts.

Is this a sign that the young player is fragile?

Meanwhile, troubled wide receiver Dez Bryan has changed his agent from Drew Rosenhaus to his former one Eugene Parker, reported ESPN.

The two were together when Bryant was drafted by the league in 2010; Parker helped the player receive a five-year, $11.8 million contract.

But Bryant had a change of heart after last season; he fired Parker and went to the dark side with Rosenhaus. Bryant had said it was a difficult choice to let Parker go with his NFL knowledge. Part of the reason he brought Parker back came from a recommendation by fellow former Dallas Cowboy cornerback Deion Sanders.

The Cowboy management team commented on the player’s change. Chief operating officer Stephen Jones said of Bryant via ESPN, “He’s making decisions he thinks will better him. We support him in the decisions he makes. If he feels that is going to make him better, we support him. I have no issues with Drew or Eugene.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure why Jones as COO commented but he wasn’t the only source for ESPN’s article. Jones Senior also gave his two cents with, “Nothing against Rosenhaus, but I know what the quality person Eugene Parker is and I think Dez benefits from that.”

Translation: Rosenhaus is not a quality person.



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