No Decision For Vick Likely Until March, Ryan Will Not Run Rams Defense

For Michael Vick, will he or won’t he stay with the Philadelphia Eagles is one of the intriguing offseason questions for this team.

But fans and teammates will have to wait until March to find out what will happen in this story even though Vick’s contract has a $3 million guarantee set to kick in next week on Feb. 6. For Vick, he does have a provision in his contract that enables the Eagles some extra time without having the $3 million hit the team’s salary cap.

According to CBS Sports, sources have said this money isn’t currently an issue and the player’s contract isn’t likely to be resolved by next week’s deadline. With new Eagles coach Chip Kelly at the helm, he is looking at his quarterback situation and deciding how and if Vick will fit into his infamous spread offense.

There’s also the Nick Foles factor who finished up the season as the Eagles starting quarterback. Where does he fit in? Kelly has expressed interest in the player while Vick has previously said he’d like to be a starting quarterback in the league, not a backup.

The next factor would be how much the team would pay Vick and the possibility of him taking a salary cut on his remaining $13.5 million payday.

Should the team decide to deal Vick, don’t look for anything to happen before the new season that begins on March 13.

In other news, former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan looked like he was headed to the Midwest for a new gig with the St. Louis Rams last week but not anymore.

On Tuesday, the team tweeted, “After extensive conversations regarding defensive philosophy, the Rams and Rob Ryan agreed he was not the right fit for the DC position.” This comes after the coach visited with the team on Monday for a second time, reported ESPN.

Ryan would have inherited a strong defense. In 2012, it led the league with 52 sacks while being overseen by different coaches after its initial defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, was eventually suspended by the league for the season. The team subsequently let him go and he may now be headed to the Tennessee Titans.

For Ryan, after his Jan. 8 dismissal by the Cowboys, he said he’d be without a job for “like five minutes.”

As for the Rams, they will keep looking and tweeted, “The Rams will continue the interview process with the club’s other candidates for the defensive coordinator position.”



Debbie Baratz

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