Redskins Clinch NFC East, Cowboys Miss Playoffs Again

With their seventh straight win, the Washington Redksins (10-6) defeated the Dallas Cowboys (8-8) 28-18 and grabbed the NFC East title after a 13-year drought.

The game’s MVP was Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris. He ran for 200 yards and three touchdowns. For the season with his 1,613 yards, he surprassed Clinton Portis’ 2005 record of 1,516 yards.

Morris’ teammate tight end Chris Cooley said via ESPN, “I’ll tell you what: Alfred Morris became a star tonight. He deserved it. He’s a phenomenal football player.”

The young player was humble and subsequently responded, “I’m never a star. I’ll never be a star. Other people might think I’m a star, but I’m just Alfred.”

But one player who does have star power is Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. While Morris’ play overshadowed Sunday’s game, the rookie quarterback still had a good game: he went 9 for 18, 100 yards as well as running 63 yards with a touchdown.

All of this was done on a sprained knee.

Griffin also set two additional league rookie records. With his 102.4 passer, it surpassed Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s 2004 mark of 98.1 and his 1.3 percentage of passes intercepted is greater than Charlie Batch’s 1998 number of 1.98.

This follows Griffin’s previously set NFL record for rookie quarterback rushing yards of 815 yards.

All of this comes after earlier in the season, the Redskins didn’t look like a team headed for January play at 3-6 but they rallied from this–a first since the Jacksonville Jaguars did back in 1996.

With a loss on Sunday, the Redskins would have been done for the season but instead they’ll host the equally hot team–the Seattle Seahawks (11-5)–next Sunday.

Against the St. Louis Rams (7-8) yesterday, Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson almost set his own rookie record: he tied Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s record of 26 touchdown passes.

Then there’s the Dallas Cowboys.

They will miss the playoffs for a third consecutive year after coming down to the wire again in its last regular season game. History repeats itself for this team.

Quarterback Tony Romo didn’t have a good game, including his three picks which represented his total from the previous combined eight games. One pick included the last one by Redskins linebacker Rob Jackson as the Cowboys drove for the game’s winning score at the end.

For the day, Romo was 20 for 31, 218 yards and two touchdowns.

He said of Sunday’s game via ESPN, “I feel as though I let our team down” and later added, “Your legacy will be written when you’re done playing the game. And when it’s over with, you’ll look back. … It’s disappointing not being able to get over that hump.”

Romo’s legacy currently includes a 1-4 playoff record.


Debbie Baratz

Deb has been writing about the NFL and NCAA football for the last few years. She is a full-time writer and an avid sports fan. Follow her on twitter @ldbar.

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