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Most Intriguing NFL Week 1 Matchups

Most Intriguing NFL Week 1 Matchups

On Thursday night, the NFL season officially kicked off with the rematch of the Denver Broncos against the Baltimore Ravens. Numerous questions swirled for this game including how would the Ravens defense look? Does Peyton Manning still have it? Does he have chemistry with Wes Welker? How will the Ravens look without Anquan Boldin and

Fantasy Football 2013 Bust Candidates

Just as it is important to find good fantasy sleepers (RB & WR), it’s also key to keep your eyes out for potential fantasy bust candidates. Whether it’s an injury, an unexpected performance in preseason games or a coaching change, some players may initially be at the top of your drafts but in the end,

Top Selling NFL Jerseys Fall 2013 Edition

NFL teams kicked off their training camps this week and between the upcoming camp visits as well as the regular season, fans are ready to buy their favorite jerseys for the 2013 season. Back in June, we took a look at the top-selling jerseys sold through March 31, 2013. The Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin

Most Likely NFL Players to Fall into Sophomore Slump

Every year there’s breakout rookie NFL players that not only surprise themselves but also fans, coaches and teammates. Many will enter their sophomore year with high expectations. Some players succeed; some do not. Last season was filled with a number of good rookies, including quarterbacks and running backs. Many fantasy football players missed out on

Ranking Top Ten Fantasy Football Quarterbacks of 2013

With NFL quarterbacks passing more and more each season, this position in fantasy football is as important–if not more–than ever. According to NFL.com, last season 18 quarterbacks had more than 500 pass attempts with six players at more than 600 and one exceeding 700 attempts (Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford). But this doesn’t necessarily change things

Broncos McCoy to the Chargers? Kaepernick Passed Over MLB Career

The NFL coaching carousel continues and on Tuesday, news is circulating that coveted Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy will take over the reins for the San Diego Chargers. This came after meeting with the team on Monday. According to ESPN, the team offered McCoy the job on Tuesday (that’s an early day). He had

Ravens Win in Double OT vs the Broncos, Kaepernick Leads 49ers to 45-31 Win Over Green Bay

Baltimore Ravens defeat Denver Broncos 38-35 in Double OT No one ever bets against quarterback Peyton Manning but unfortunately that may have been a good choice on Saturday in the Broncos vs. Ravens game. In a back-and-forth game between the two teams, the Ravens ended as the last team standing and won 38-35 in double

NFL QB Update: Vick Out Again, No Answer from 49ers, Cutler Moving Forward

With the season looking bleaker every week, the Philadelphia Eagles (3-7) have one with bad news: starting quarterback Michael Vick is out this week against the Carolina Panthers on Monday night. Backup quarterback Nick Foles will again take over the reins. Last week against the Washington Redskins, Foles was 21 for 46, 204 yards, zero

49ers Smith Uncertain for Monday, Roethlisberger Likely Out for Three Weeks

On Friday, the Chicago Bears announced that quarterback Jay Cutler was out for Monday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. The opposing team still held out hope its quarterback Alex Smith, also suffering from a concussion, could take the field. After practicing on Saturday, Smith remains uncertain. He is still waiting for clearance to play