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How Can the Detroit Lions Rediscover Their 2011 Magic?

For the Detroit Lions, their 2011 season represented one for optimism. With a 10-6 regular season record, it represented the team’s first winning season in the 2000’s and a first 10-win season since 1995. A rare postseason game followed after the Lions clinched the NFC Wildcard spot–its first playoff game since 1999–but the excitement was

League to Review Suh Kick; Short List of Starters/Inactives

For the Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh, it was another Thanksgiving game that ended with questions of potentially rough play. Against the Houston Texans, Suh started to fall to the ground after rushing quarterback Matt Schaub; he subsequently kicked the player around the groin thanks to his leg supposedly jutting out. At issue is whether or not

Suh Voted Dirtiest Player, Cromartie Believes Jets Will Go to Playoffs

It’s been a busy last few weeks of polls rating teams and players and Thursday was no exception with Sporting News midseason report. The winner of the dirtiest player award went to Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh with 32 votes. This is the second consecutive year he’s been voted this honor and recently he

Nielsen Poll Cites Best/Least Liked NFL Players

In a recent Nielsen/E-Poll, it ranked the 10 most and 10 least popular NFL players. By taking a look at the list, you may not be surprised by it. Let’s start at the top. Who’s the NFL’s most-liked player? Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Troy Polumalu. His appeal rating came in at 63%. Who’s is on the

Suh’s Hit On Cutler Is Legal, Vick Not Worried about Benching

After last year’s hard hit against Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler by Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, expectations were high that the player would again deliver this year. Mission accomplished. In the second quarter in Monday night’s game against the conference foes, Suh ran after Cutler and sacked the player hard, knocking the wind

Yep, Vick Owns A Dog, Suh Leaves Scene of Car Accident

After photo documentation in the last week suggested that he was again a dog owner, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has conceded that yes the rumor is true. But it took awhile. On Wednesday, reporters asked Vick if he was a dog owner. The player wouldn’t comment and instead said the Eagles needed to start

Suh’s Passion is Hitting QBs, Locker Gets Starting Nod for Titans

It’s been an interesting career so far for Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. In his successful rookie season, he showed his talent and meanness on the field two years ago. During his sophomore season, he took a turn for the worse with less production, an evolving identity as a dirty player (see the now infamous