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After Losing Lewis, Pitta and Boldin, Can the Ravens Even Compete for the Division?

After Losing Lewis, Pitta and Boldin, Can the Ravens Even Compete for the Division?

On Thursday evening, the Baltimore Ravens will kick off the season against the Denver Broncos. As the reigning Super Bowl champ, there’s always an expectation and scrutiny in the following season. For the Ravens, they enter 2013 with a new look after losing veteran players, causing rumblings of a potential regression. With the losses of

Top Selling NFL Jerseys Fall 2013 Edition

NFL teams kicked off their training camps this week and between the upcoming camp visits as well as the regular season, fans are ready to buy their favorite jerseys for the 2013 season. Back in June, we took a look at the top-selling jerseys sold through March 31, 2013. The Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin

Top Selling Jerseys in the NFL 2013 Edition

For NFL fans, one way to show the love to their teams and players is by wearing a favorite player’s jersey. I’ll admit I don’t get the allure of why middle-aged men still do this (sure, the jerseys look cute on kids) but I may never understand it. Maybe it’s just a guy thing–even though

Colts Dream Season Comes to An End, Ravens Win 24-9

With a season full of change, worries about its coach and a rookie quarterback, the Indianapolis Colts defied the odds and made it to the playoffs. It was easy to root for this team, especially as its coach underwent treatment for cancer, but on Sunday it came to an end with the 24-9 win by

Lewis Ready to Go on Sunday, Andy Reid New Chiefs Coach

After previously announcing his retirement plans this week, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is ready to play in Sunday’s playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. He has been out since a tricep injury on Oct. 10. Ravens coach John Harbaugh said on Friday via ESPN, “He’s ready to go. He’s going to play in this game

NFL Injury Update: Ravens Lewis, Pats Gronkowski Out; RG3 Listed As Probable

Ravens Lewis Out for the Next Two Games After expectations of a return for the season’s end after he started attending team practices three weeks ago, Baltimore Ravens veteran linebacker Ray Lewis will be out for the next two games but he may possibly play in the postseason. NFL.com reported that for this week’s game

Harvin Out for the Season, Ravens Lewis Practices

The question of when Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin will return have come to an end for this season: on Wednesday, the team placed the talented wide receiver on IR. Harvin had been battling an ankle injury since the Nov. 4 game against the Seattle Seahawks. He was able to catch passes last week

Ray Lewis to Return in December?

After the Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs (Achilles tendon) beat the odds and returned to play this season, his teammate Ray Lewis (Tricep) may be following in his footsteps. Yahoo! Sports reported on Monday, after speaking with numerous unidentified sources, that Lewis is expected to return prior to the end of 2012’s season–possibly for the Dec. 16