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Seahawks Looking at Backup QB Candidates, Kolb Ready to Compete for Starting Role

After killing Tim Tebow rumors, the Seattle Seahawks are still looking to fill their open backup quarterback position and this week they’ll look at Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart. The two players will be joined by their competition of Seneca Wallace and Tyler Thigpen at a two-day workout hosted by the Seahawks, reported USA Today.

Bills’ Backup QB Thigpen Takes Paycut, Romo Gets Huffy in Press Conference

In an effort to remain on the team, Buffalo Bills backkup quarterback Tyler Thigpen took a $1 million pay cut last week. What? Thigpen said on Monday regarding the decision, via CBS Sports, “There were a lot of reasons behind it. My agent talked to them, and I’m just glad to be here, and looking