UNI WR Sinkfield Runs 4.19 40-Yard Dash, Hartline Close to Deal with Dolphins

UNI WR Sinkfield Hits a 4.19 40

You didn’t hear his name at the NFL Scouting Combine but at Monday’s Pro Day at the University of Minnesota, University of Northern Iowa wide receiver Terrell Sinkfield clocked a 4.19 40-yard dash time.

FoxSportsNorth first reported the feat and the player accomplished the time in his second try after first clocking a 4.27. This beat the Combine record held by the Tennessee Titans wide receiver Chris Johnson’s 4.24 from 2008.

If you’re wondering if he has a track background, he does. The player ran in high school and has a 100-yard dash time of 10.86 seconds. But he didn’t receive any offers from Division I schools.

The question had been posed to Sinkfield on Monday how he did the 4.19 time. He responded, “Just some determination. That was the expectation, really. Aim big. I was trying to get that 4.1.”

He then added, “I knew it was good when I finished. I was pretty happy, so I came back. I thought I messed up when they said go again. I’m like, ‘Dang, why do I have to run again?'”

Sinkfield also achieved a 40.5 vertical at the Pro Day in front on 13 NFL teams scouts. He said of the day, “It hasn’t really hit me yet. I feel like I could have hit it consistently. Me, myself, my personal best, I think I could have done better. It was still a good show here.”

The player had been a running back in high school but his college days were devoted to being a wide receiver. In his senior season at UNI, Sinkfield led his team in receiving with his 43 receptions for 499 yards and four touchdowns. From his junior season, he had 28 catches for 464 yards with six touchdowns.

At the end of the day, Sinkfield simply said,”Hopefully I opened some eyes and got some interest.”

Dolphins WR Brian Hartline Close to Deal 

The Miami Dolphins and its wide receiver Brian Hartline are close to a deal that will give the player a payday near $6 million annually, reported Fox Sports.com.  This comes before Hartline hit the free agent market.

He’s been with the team for four seasons but 2012 was his best one as he caught 74 passes for 1,083 yards with one score. In his tenure with the team, he has 2,753 total yards receiving with six touchdowns.

Should a deal not come his way and Hartline is in the open market, opportunities should come his way.

Fox Sports added that even with keeping Hartline, the team could still add a free agent such as Mike Wallace or Danny Amendola.


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