Woodson Still Awaiting Interested Teams, Romo Just Needs to Perform

Woodson’s Phone is Not Ringing

After getting cut by the Green Bay Packers last month, veteran cornerback/safety Charles Woodson is a man without a team.

Age is not on his side and Woodson said of this on Friday’s NFL AM, “I’m 36, so of course I’m considered ancient in the game right now, and teams are looking for younger players and trying to make their rosters younger. If you’re an older guy they kind of push you to the side, and they’ll maybe look at you much later on down the road, when I guess they figure they can get you much cheaper.”

He hasn’t given up for the 2013 season and said of his recent suitors via NFL.com, “Nothing right now. Nothing substantial. I’m just waiting around. We put feelers out there just to see where everybody’s at. There’s not much right now.”

Woodson did make a visit to the San Francisco 49ers but nothing really transpired. But he has been down this road before.

He added, “I went through this before in 2006 when nobody was interested in me coming out of Oakland. I’m in the same situation now. Just have to have a little patience. I’ll land somewhere and help somebody win.”

The question had been posed to Woodson if the Baltimore Ravens had reached out to him as a potential Ed Reed replacement. He responded, “I haven’t heard anything from Baltimore or anybody else for that matter.”

For any team that gets Woodson, they’ll get a Hall of Famer. He still has some gas left in the tank but it may be a wait until the market comes around for the ancient players. Many have also said he could have a promising broadcast career.

Is it possible we’ll see him alongside Ray Lewis this fall on ESPN?

Ware: Romo Just Needs to Perform

Last week, the Dallas Cowboys gave quarterback Tony Romo a monster contract: a six-year, $108 million deal.

This comes as Romo, 33, is yet to take his team deep into the playoffs, much less lead them to a Super Bowl.

Reactions to Romo’s contract were mixed with former quarterback Donovan McNabb, who found posteason success, tweeting, “Tony Romo 6 yr 55 million dollar extension. Wow really, with one playoff win. You got to be kidding me.”

A week later and it’s still a topic of conversation. On Thursday, Romo’s teammate, DeMarcus Ware, gave his two cents about the contract via Sirius XM Radio:

“I feel like everybody is deserving to whatever is given to him, but at the end of the day, to me it’s put up or shut up. I’m just being straight-up honest with you. Get out there and be productive, and that’s with any player. Whatever they get, they’re deserving of it. You just got to get out there and play and I know he can be and will be the quarterback that is going to be the quarterback that is going to take us to the next level.”

In other words, actions speak louder than words.


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