New England Patriots

Gronk Using Booze & Football Camp to Pick Up Ladies

by Debbie Baratz • January 25, 2014

After weeks of wondering when New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski would return to the field, the mystery has ended as he made his debut last Sunday against the New York Jets. He had a respectable week, catching eight passes for 114 yards but he has said he looks forward to doing more this […]

Can Tom Brady Turn Things Around in the Second Half?

by Debbie Baratz • November 1, 2013

At 6-2, the New England Patriots sit atop the AFC East and have undergone a first half of the season trying to deal with offensive changes.Quarterback Tom Brady has looked uncomfortable and has visibly shown his frustrations in this not business as usual season. In the season’s first eight games, Brady only had nine touchdown […]

Will Rob Gronkowski Ever Return to the Field?

by Debbie Baratz • October 17, 2013

In the mysterious case of when will New England tight end Rob Gronkowski make his 2013 debut, fans may have a little bit more of an idea or a confirmation on Thursday: he hasn’t received medical clearance by Dr. James Andrews. Appearing on the Miami radio show, Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM, Gronkowski’s agent Drew […]

Can the Patriots Keep Winning With Their Ailing Run Game?

by Debbie Baratz • October 5, 2013

For the New England Patriots, it’s been a tough season as they’re without their usual strong offensive weapons and identity. Fortunately quarterback Tom Brady has still led them to four straight wins. For the typically pass-happy Patriots, they have been turning to their running game to get it done. In last week’s 30-23 win over the […]

Teams that Could be in the Josh Gordon Trade Derby

by Debbie Baratz • September 26, 2013

After starting season 0-2, the Cleveland Browns looked headed for another dismal season. They had an injured starting quarterback and had traded away their top running back. The Browns also appeared as if they were looking ahead to 2014 as its third string quarterback Brian Hoyer took over in Week 3 and trade talks began […]

Aaron Hernadez to be Acquitted and Return to the NFL?

by Debbie Baratz • August 30, 2013

This week, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez sat at the top of the news cycle thanks to a much-discussed Rolling Stone article about him called, “The Gangster in the Huddle.” The story encompasses a large chunk of Hernandez’s young 23-year-old life beginning with his troubled youth, his days at Florida, his NFL career with […]

The Cowboys the Most Hated Team in Football? Patriots Not Far Behind

by Debbie Baratz • August 28, 2013

For all football fans, we have our favorite teams whether its our hometown one, a family favorite or a love for a player. But we also have teams that we just hate for individual reasons. For some of them, it’s common to have large groups of haters. In a Reddit post, one football fan–after admitting […]

Fantasy Football 2013 Bust Candidates

by Debbie Baratz • August 14, 2013

Just as it is important to find good fantasy sleepers (RB & WR), it’s also key to keep your eyes out for potential fantasy bust candidates. Whether it’s an injury, an unexpected performance in preseason games or a coaching change, some players may initially be at the top of your drafts but in the end, […]

Fantasy Football 2013 Running Back Sleepers

by Debbie Baratz • August 7, 2013

Along with selecting a top running back or two for your fantasy team, in the later rounds it’s also good to pick up a few sleepers. They may surprise you by their talent or their increased amount of play if their fellow starting running back goes down and they up starting for a few games. […]

Is Danny Amendola the Next Wes Welker?

by Debbie Baratz • July 25, 2013

For the New England Patriots, it’s been a busy offseason with all the negative press surrounding their players. As they look to open their 2013 training camp on Friday morning, the team will put the recent stories behind them and focus on football. One of the lead stories not only for training camp but for […]