NFL Draft

Surveying the Early Season 2013 NFL Draft Busts

by Debbie Baratz • October 8, 2013

The 2013 NFL season has passed its first quarter and it has included a number of surprises (an undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team) and some disappointments (the winless New York Giants). For many rookies, they’re spending the season paying their dues while others have already hit the ground running. But it hasn’t necessarily been a […]

2013 Wonderlic Scores for the College Elite

by Debbie Baratz • May 5, 2013

For any NFL draft class, there’s a number of factors reviewed by potential teams to determine their selections. Some carry more weight than others and one, whether its’s effective or not as a measure of future success, does have some entertainment value: the Wonderlic score. Also know as an intelligence test, this is administered at […]

Ranking the 2013 Rookie NFL Quarterbacks

by Debbie Baratz • May 3, 2013

After 2012’s one-two NFL draft selection of two quarterbacks, this year’s draft class was very pale in comparison. Some could say it was so weak, that only one player was worthy to go in the first round with the greatest amount of action coming in the fourth round. Based on skills, personality and team needs, […]

Top Undrafted Defensive NFL Free Agents: Where Did They Land?

by Debbie Baratz • May 1, 2013

With skill players taking a back seat to this year’s NFL draft, many top ones dominated as undrafted NFL offensive free agents. How they are going to do is another question but history suggests there’s hope. There were also some undrafted free agent defensive players that will also still get a chance. Take a look […]

Top Undrafted Offensive NFL Free Agents: Where Did They Land?

by Debbie Baratz • April 30, 2013

After the NFL Draft comes to an end, there are the unfortunate players who did not receive a phone call. But there’s still hope as teams sign many of these undrafted free agents. Some still find success even if they were late to the party (see Wes Welker and Adam Vinatieri). Let’s take a look at […]

2013 NFL Draft Grades for the AFC

by Debbie Baratz • April 29, 2013

After taking a look at the NFC’s three days of draft picks, here’s a look at the AFC teams’ picks and a grade for their efforts. Did one conference fare better than the other? Baltimore Ravens After gutting the team following its Super Bowl win, it only made sense that the Ravens’ first four picks […]

2013 NFL Draft Grades for the NFC

by Debbie Baratz • April 28, 2013

The eternal three-day NFL 2013 Draft has again come to an end. This year offered some interesting surprises but at the end of the day, teams filled out their rosters with some rookies ready to hit the ground running while others will see playing time at a slower pace. Take a look at the NFC […]

Biggest Surprises from the 2013 NFL Draft

by Debbie Baratz • April 28, 2013

It was an interesting 2013 NFL Draft for Round 1 but it made the next two days much more interesting with the depth of talent remaining. There were many surprises this year and here’s a few highlights. One Quarterback Selected in the First Round The first quarterback selected for the 2013 draft was Florida State’s E.J.Manuel […]

Top Busts of the NFL Draft, Where Are They Now

by Debbie Baratz • April 25, 2013

It’s NFL Draft day or Round 1 of a now three-day televised event. Many NFL wannabes have been very open about wanting to go in the first round while others will just be happy to receive a possible opportunity to play in the league. For those who do go at the top of their draft […]

Denver Broncos 2013 Mock Draft: Looking at Position Needs, Potential Draftees

by Debbie Baratz • April 20, 2013

The Denver Broncos enter the 2013 season with high expectations following last year’s 13-3 record. After landing wide receiver Wes Welker and saying goodbye to defensive Elvis Dumervil after a fax snafu, the team will look to the draft to build their roster. The Broncos draft will kick off at No. 28 in the first […]