Most Intriguing NFL Week 1 Matchups

by Debbie Baratz • September 6, 2013

On Thursday night, the NFL season officially kicked off with the rematch of the Denver Broncos against the Baltimore Ravens. Numerous questions swirled for this game including how would the Ravens defense look? Does Peyton Manning still have it? Does he have chemistry with Wes Welker? How will the Ravens look without Anquan Boldin and […]

Exploring the Logic Behind NFL’s Scheduling

by Debbie Baratz • August 29, 2013

In one week, the NFL regular season will kick off. You can’t help but feel that every season some teams have easier schedules than others. How does that happen? Well the answer is it’s not arbitrary, according to Reddit. After a thorough review from the 2012 schedule of two teams, you’ll find this is the […]

Does Playing in a Dome Give the Home Team a Distinct Advantage?

by Debbie Baratz • August 28, 2013

As the NFL regular season is set to begin some teams already bring some expectations. For some, they won’t have to battle the second half of the season weather challenges (see Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears) as they’re protected under a dome. They may consider themselves lucky but does playing in this type of […]

Teams Preseason Odds at Winning 2014 Super Bowl

by Debbie Baratz • August 23, 2013

While we’re already in Week 3 of the preseason, there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the regular season to begin. Every team will enter with a clean slate although some eyebrows may be raised toward some that didn’t fare well in August. Regardless, it’s never too early to look even further ahead […]

When Can the Bucs Expect Darrelle Revis Back in Action?

by Debbie Baratz • August 16, 2013

One of the more interesting NFL offseason trades was the one with former New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Unlucky for his new team, Revis came with a little more baggage than usual: He is recovering from a torn ACL that he suffered in Week 3 last season. This […]

Fantasy Football 2013 Bust Candidates

by Debbie Baratz • August 14, 2013

Just as it is important to find good fantasy sleepers (RB & WR), it’s also key to keep your eyes out for potential fantasy bust candidates. Whether it’s an injury, an unexpected performance in preseason games or a coaching change, some players may initially be at the top of your drafts but in the end, […]

How Can the NFL Improve Preseason Experience?

by Debbie Baratz • August 12, 2013

NFL teams are entering their second week of preseason games and fans are happy to get their football fix. But last week just as teams were getting started, criticisms and calls for change were already in the conversation. Last Wednesday on the day before Game 1 kicked off for many teams, the NFL announced that […]

Who Will Rule the Bengals’ Backfield: Bernard or The Law Firm?

by Debbie Baratz • August 11, 2013

In this year’s April NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals selected North Carolina running back Giovani Bernard in the second round. He was the No. 37 overall pick for the draft and the first running back to leave the boards.  Bernard has joined the team’s fellow running back, six-year veteran BenJarvus Green-Ellis or as he’s fondly […]

NFL Training Camps: Players Down for the Season with Torn ACLs

by Debbie Baratz • August 9, 2013

We’re in the second week of August and already there’s a plethora of NFL teams hit by the injury bug. Some players will be ready for the regular season while others have already kissed their 2013 seasons goodbye. Backup players will have new opportunities while seasoned players and coaches are already grumbling that the league […]

Looking at the Best Running Back Backups in the NFL

by Debbie Baratz • August 7, 2013

For every starting running back, its NFL team needs a good backup (or two). Some of these players may either take over in the starting role or get their opportunity in the next season. They may also be guys you may want to add to your fantasy teams as well. Take a look. Ben Tate […]