On Wednesday, the Dallas Cowboys and representatives for quarterback Tony Romo have started “informal” talks for a contract extension.

Romo, 32, is in the final year of his deal with $16.8 million counting against this year’s salary cap. The Cowboys have discussed the possibility of Romo as “partner” while team looks to cut its $20 million excess from the cap.

The team reportedly would like to keep the quarterback around for three or four more years. Cowboys Vice President Steve Jones again reiterated the team’s faith in Romo and said via FoxSports Southwest, “We have a great quarterback and he deserves to be paid. We have a good quarterback and we want to reward him. He’s in the last year of a contract, and our goal is to not let the quarterback run out of contract.”

This comes after the Cowboys had a 2012 season at 8-8 and have new coaches for the 2013 season.

Jones said Romo would be its highest-paid player on the team and they are comfortable with it. He added, “I think on this particular situation with Tony is, we think we have a great quarterback and we want him to be our quarterback here for the next four to five years.”

As Romo enters his final contract year so does Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. But his team doesn’t appear ready to reward him with an extension yet.

With a new coach at the helm, Marc Trestman, he is holding his cards close to the vest. The question had been posed to him at this week’s Combine on whether the team will either meet with Cutler’s agent about a potential extension or later in the offseason. offseason.

Trestman said via NFL.com, “I haven’t discussed any of that with Jay or with Phil [Emery] up to this point.”

The came after the coach earlier said about the player, “I’m excited to coach Cutler and work with him on all aspects of his game.”

For Trestman, he is yet to see Cutler in his offense. There’s been a lot of change for the player in his four seasons with the Bears but also a lot of disappointments.

But perhaps the biggest question facing the Bears is what to do with veteran linebacker Brian Urlacher. He is a free agent and keeping him could endear the coach to his new team.

Again, Trestman didn’t offer any answers but said an evaluation was “forthcoming.”