On Sunday, the 0-2 Jacksonville Jaguars will travel and play the Seattle Seahawks. It’s been a rough season already for them as they’ve only had 11 total points and 426 yards while giving up 11 sacks and wracking up 15 penalties. This week isn’t likely to change things as the Jaguars will play against a 2-0 Seattle team in the loudest NFL stadium; injured quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, will again be out this week.

Backup quarterback Chad Henne will again pinch hit but it’s hard to get excited with his 241 yards (25 for 38) and one touchdown from last week’s game. Unfortunately Vegas agrees with this cloudy outlook and the odds are high for a Seahawks win (-18.5, 40.5 o/u).

Now without a spark for this week’s game–o.k. maybe running back Maurice Jones-Drew will be back–some Jaguars’ fans have been rallying for the team to pick up unemployed quarterback Tim Tebow. On Monday, a rally was held, campaigning for Tebow and according to ESPN, about 20 people participated with 30 media members covering it.

This is just the beginning as the group will extend their efforts through signs, bumper stickers and Twitter to promote the campaign.

In addition, the group’s organizer, Jaguars fan James Stewart, said of Monday’s rally via ESPN.com, “We’ve accomplished what we had hoped for the first time out.” He said to look for more rallies on each Monday afternoon and added, “The Jaguars’ season is really in the tank. They don’t have a lot of promise. There’s not a lot to watch. We’re consumers and the Jaguars are a product, and there’s a lot of room for improvement. Tebow we think would be value added if he were to be signed and given an opportunity at quarterback. …”

But is Tebow really the answer? Probably not as the team has been very open of its disinterest in the free agent. Some fans agree and back in May, a booster club for the team, the Bold City Brigade, created a website called Evenifhesreleased.com, asking the team to not sign Tebow.

Tebow has shown in his last two opportunities that he’s not the same quarterback from his college days. Signing him would not provide an upgrade to the team’s current situation and if he really had any value, some other team would have immediately snatched him up. Instead, the Jaguars may want to give Gabbert yet another chance, given the injuries he’s endured the last two seasons.

What if he were 100 percent healthy and really could perform? For now, he may be the team’s best option, not Tebow.