As if a three-game losing streak wasn’t enough for the Jacksonville Jaguars, two of their top players are out with injuries.

On Sunday, quarterback Blaine Gabbert suffered a torn labrum in his non-throwing (left) shoulder. This came from a second-half sack in the Oakland Raiders game. Gabbert was ultimately replaced by back up quarterback Chad Henne. His performance was dismal (9 for 20, 71 yards, three sacks) and he helped his team incur a 26-23 OT loss.

Gabbert’s status for Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers won’t be known until the end of the week. The player was going to be examined by orthopedic surgeon to the athletes Dr. James Andrews on Tuesday after undergoing an MRI on Monday. He was expected to give an opinion but prior to that the Jacksonville paper took it upon themselves to do their own research.

According to Ryan O’Halloran of The Florida Times-Union, he quoted Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon Dr. Orr Limpisvasti who said of Gabbert’s injury, “There are things short of surgery that would most likely allow him to continue to play through the season. The therapy and rehabilitation starts right away and it would be treated surgically only if he needed it and he was unable to play.

“In general, labrum tears can cause pain and instability, but NFL players often play with those injuries.”

In addition to this 1-5 team’s injured quarterback, its star running back went down in the same game on the opening drive.

Maurice Jones-Drew’s injury is a sprained left foot. He is expected to be out for “multiple” games, reported ESPN, but the good news is the player won’t need to undergo surgery; he does not have a Lisfranc injury.

In his place, running back Rashad Jennings will start on Sunday against the Packers. On Sunday, he rushed for 44 yards.

On Tuesday for additional depth, the team signed running back Keith Toston. The player will be able to get up to speed quickly as he played with them in the preseason but come the final cut, he had been waived.

Against the New Orleans Saints, he had 22 carries for 171 yards, with a 42-yard touchdown.

To-date, Jones-Drew had 414 rushing yards.















On Monday, the team ruled Jones-Drew out for its Week 8 game against the Green Bay Packers.



Jones-Drew suffered the injury to his left foot on Jacksonville’s first play from scrimmage in Sunday’s 26-23 overtime loss to the Oakland Raiders. The seven-year veteran was standing on crutches on the sideline in the second half and left the stadium in a walking boot.