Just a few days ago, Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy said he wasn’t ready yet to leave Cleveland and he looked forward to having an opportunity to compete for his starting position. The writing appears to be on the wall with the team’s rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden but stranger things have happened.

Now fast forward a few days later and McCoy appears less certain about the opportunities that lie ahead with his team. He said to KXAN-TV on Friday, “We’ll see, I don’t know. There are a lot of things I can control and I’m controlling those things. The things beyond that I try to do my best to not worry about those and go out there and do what I do on the field, that’s the most important thing. Beyond that, I can’t do anything else.”

McCoy also noted the changeover in staff during his short tenure with the Browns has been an additional challenge. This has included two head coaches, two offensive coordinators and a less than desirable stable of wide receivers.

Can you even name anyone McCoy can throw to?

But McCoy, who appears to have a pretty positive personality, added this one soundbite in his KXAN interview that sounded more like him.

He said of the future, “What I told them early on was I want you to get better at football. Number two, I wanted to share with them a few things that have made me who I am and maybe helped in the success I’ve had. Talk about character, talk about leadership, talk about discipline. Some of the things you have to do to make yourself as good as you can be or as successful as you can be.”

As noted by NFL.com, the team brought in Mike Holmgren as the team’s president three seasons ago. He was hired to build a winning franchise and taking Weeden as the No. 22 pick made a statement about the direction the team would be going. We know Holmgren has worked with talented quarterbacks before and there’s no reason this will change now.

Last month, Holmgren said he was be more visible this season after taking a backseat in his first two. He doesn’t want to step on either coach Pat Shurmur’s or GM Tom Heckert toes but he did say to ESPN, “I’m hardheaded. But I’ve started to listen to some people I would meet around town saying, ‘Gee we would like to hear a little bit more from you about things.’ So this year that’s what I’m going to try to do.”

You can’t help but wonder if he’s already spoken up about the quarterback situation–regardless of stepping on toes.