As we sit in the NFL’s Week 4, six teams are still looking for their first wins of the season. Their reasons are various for their bad play with some closer to wins than others. For these 0-3 teams, the likelihood of now making the playoffs sits at three percent.

Let’s take a look at this small club and rank them, going from the worst of the group to the “better” ones.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Last week, the Jaguars lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 45-17. At this point in the season, there’s not a lot of positives to say about them as they are lacking offensively and defensively. This week they’ll play the Indianapolis Colts and are likely headed to 0-4.

Will their skid hit a Detroit Lions-low (see 2008’s winless season)?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team is a mess and it may all start with sophomore coach Greg Schiano. Between allegedly frustrating his defense with his strictness to his toxic relationship with quarterback Josh Freeman, this team is a sinking ship.

Not helping matters is the opponents they have already faced this season: the New York Jets, the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots.

For this week, Freeman has been benched in favor of the rookie, Mike Glennon. This will be his NFL debut and he may not be the answer to the Bucs numerous problems but maybe he can nudge running back Doug Martin out of his sophomore slump.

Minnesota Vikings

In Week 3, the Vikings lost to the Cleveland Browns, 31-27–a team that had its third-string hometown quarterback, Brian Hoyer, playing in his first NFL start.

Along with quarterback Christian Ponder’s disappointing play, there’s also the team’s offensive line and defense not playing well either. Its losses have been very tight ones including the Chicago Bears (31-30) and last week’s loss.

For Week #4, backup quarterback Matt Cassel will start as Ponder is injured. Will Cassel, who is 1-2 against the Pittsburgh Steelers,  finally get the team a win?

Washington Redskins

Everyone is still waiting for the 2012 Robert Griffin III to show up. The 2013 version still appears rusty but he’s a competitor and this should go away–possibly sooner than later.

But RG3 is not the only problem, the Redskins defense is a larger contributor. The team shouldn’t be too shocked by this weak link as they traded away draft picks. This group has really produced some ugly play.

It’s a tough call, but the Redskins against the Oakland Raiders with Matt Flynn this week could end the losing streak.

New York Giants

While football fans may be surprised by the Redskins’ play, the winless Giants record may be more shocking. The team’s quarterback is healthy but playing poorly. He doesn’t really have any weapons and not helping is the high number of turnovers and an injury-depleted offensive line.

Is the Tom Coughlin era nearing its end as this season represents an all-time low for him?

Good luck going up against the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers ended 2012 on a disappointing note and 2013 appears to be off to an even worse-than-expected start. They have 2 of 3 losses at home and have also faced some tough competition: the Tennessee Titans, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Chicago Bears.

For the Steelers, they’re not facing a new problem, they’ve dealt with the loss of top players (see James Harrison, Rashard Mendenhall) before as well as older ones (Ben Roethslisberger). Their young talent hasn’t been performing as desired.

This week they face the Vikings across the pond and with tight end Heath Miller and hopefully rookie running back Le’Veon Bell, maybe the new venue and players will provide a much-needed spark.