With the preseason reaching the midpoint, the Seattle Seahawks are still trying to determine their starting quarterback. But for now, rookie Russell Wilson gets the starting nod for this week’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday.

Does this mean the quarterback battle has ended for the Seahawks? Not necessarily.

Head coach Pete Carroll said on Tuesday via the Associated Press, “We told you we were going to need preseason to figure this thing out and I think we’re moving along positively and I have no concern about the timing of this other than we need information and we need to figure it out. This is about competition. This is what we’ve always been about and if somebody doesn’t see it that way then they don’t understand us and I can’t do anything about that. This is a great competitive opportunity to watch and for me to oversee as a coach and it’s exciting and it’s been fun to see it through and we’re going to finish it up the next couple of weeks.”

Carroll is loving all of this and you have to wonder if he knows by now who his choice really is for the regular season.

It appears that Wilson will take most of the first-team reps on Friday. He will play with the team’s starters through at least the first half, according to ESPN, while Flynn may show up in the second half–depending on how the game is going.

Carroll added, “We’re going to wait after the game and see what happened and see what it feels like and talk it all out and see everything you can possibly see in analyzing it and move ahead with confidence. I’m real confident we’re doing the right thing. I don’t have any hesitation in this.”

So what has Wilson done to instill confidence in his coach?

In the preseason, the rookie has 22 of 33 passes for 279 yards, three touchdowns with one interception. Wilson can also run: he has 92 yards and one touchdown. This gives him a 110.5 passer ranking. He is up there with the top “qualifying” quarterbacks in the preseason which includes Philadelphia Eagles rookie Nick Foles and Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan.

How did Flynn fall from grace? It may have been his start against the Denver Broncos in Week 2. It wasn’t exactly a stellar game for the free agent. He was 6 for 13 for 31 yards with two failed touchdown attempts: one was a a dropped pass by T.O. and the second one had Golden Tate go out of bounds.

Wilson is confident about his opportunity but Carroll isn’t quite ready to give him the keys to quarterback the team just yet. Should he have a poor game, Carroll may go back to plan B: Matt Flynn.