Now that training camp has arrived, injuries are starting to pile up for NFL players. Some have already lost their season while others should return shortly. And for some players that suffer injuries, they may not have come from either the practice field or from games but instead, they just happen from the strange things that NFL players do.

Here’s a look at some of the strangest NFL injuries.

Donte Stallworth (Washington Redskins wide receiver) – This March, Stallworth was in a hot air balloon crash around Miami. It hit power lines as it was coming in for a landing. The player and his girlfriend were hospitalized from it; he incurred serious burns.

Barry Church (Dallas Cowboys safety) – Church was out for most of 2012 with a torn Achilles tendon and, is on the road to recovery. Last Monday he suffered a short setback as he missed practice due a toothache. This came from a chipped tooth from a few weeks earlier after Church ate a red Jolly Rancher. He didn’t think it was serious but after arriving to practice on Monday with severe pain he left for the dentist and had a root canal.

The player has vowed he’ll stick to soft candies such as Starburst and Skittles.

Kevin Kolb (Buffalo Bills quarterback) – This weekend, Kolb was at training camp and stepped on a wet rubber mat. He slipped and injured his knee. It’s not serious but a setback as Kolb is battling for the starting role against rookie E.J. Manuel.

Jeremy Maclin (Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver) – Last December, Maclin injured his groin after a Sunday win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He hurt it after teammate cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha jumped on him to celebrate the receiver’s winning touchdown. Maclin returned to play the next week.

Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers wide receiver) – In 2010, Smith suffered a broken arm after playing flag football in June. He had to miss the team’s start of training camp.

Chris Hanson (Jacksonville Jaguars punter) – Back in 2003, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio placed a wooden stump and ax in the team’s locker room. It was intended to be a symbol to the players to continue their hard work. Hanson picked up the ax and took a swing. He cut his non-kicking foot and was out for the season.

Bill Gramatica (Arizona Cardinals kicker) – As a rookie in 2001, Gramatica had a habit of celebrating field goals in an aggressive style. In a game against the New York Giants in December, he jumped high into the air to celebrate a kick that gave his team a 3-0 lead during the first half. It ended with an awkward landing that resulted in a torn ACL.

It didn’t end his career but he was the butt of many jokes.

Gus Frerrotte (Washington Redskins quarterback) – In 1997, again versus the Giants, Frerrotte scored a touchdown run that gave the Redskins the lead.  Frerotte kept going through the endzone and spiked the ball. For some unexplained reason, he headbutted the padded concrete wall. He looked dazed when he returned to the sidelines and made it back to the field for one more possession.

At a halftime hospital visit, he was diagnosed with a sprained neck.

Orlando Brown (Cleveland Browns offensive tackle) – Brown was hit in his right eye accidentally in 1999 by a penalty flag thrown by official Jeff Triplette. He responded by confronting him upon feeling concern for his eyesight after his father had suffered blindness from glaucoma. He missed three seasons from the injury and then went to the Baltimore Ravens. He also sued the league for $200 million but settled for $25 million.