Hakeem Nicks

NFL Players Most Likely to be Traded at the Deadline

by Debbie Baratz • October 27, 2013

For the NFL, the clock is ticking for its annual trade deadline as its set to end at 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday after being open since March. From Sunday’s slew of games giving a final look at some players, look for the next 48 hours to have some movement. There will be some surprises […]

Can Eli Manning Refind His Mojo in 2013?

by Debbie Baratz • August 25, 2013

After missing the playoffs in 2012, the New York Giants will look to put this behind them and get back to their old playing form. A lot of this will depend on quarterback Eli Manning, 32, leading his team to a better season than last’s 9-7 record and zero postseason play. Will Manning refind his […]

NY Giants: Bradshaw Listed as Questionable, Rookie Wilson a Hall of Famer?

by Debbie Baratz • October 19, 2012

It’s been a good season for Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw (449 yards, three touchdowns) but his opportunity to continue the ride may be hampered this week thanks to a foot injury. This week the Giants are playing the hot Washington Redskins. On Friday, Bradshaw did not practice; this is the second time this week and […]

NFL Injury Report: Giants Nicks Out, Bears’ Forte, Patriots Gronskowski Questionable

by Debbie Baratz • September 30, 2012

Giants Hakeem Nicks is Out As Week Four nears, teams are announcing their last-minute injuries. At the top of the list is New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. The player has swelling in his knee and on Saturday, the team placed him as out on the injury report. His injury supposedly came in Week […]

NY Giants: Nicks Gets POTW, Injury List for Panthers Game

by Debbie Baratz • September 19, 2012

On Wednesday, New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks won the NFC Offensive Player of the Week award from his play in last week’s 41-34 team win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For the game, Nick had 10 catches for 199 yards–a career high–and a touchdown. He played a vital role in the team’s third-quarter […]