Tim Tebow

Is It Finally Tebow Time In Jacksonville?

by Debbie Baratz • September 21, 2013

On Sunday, the 0-2 Jacksonville Jaguars will travel and play the Seattle Seahawks. It’s been a rough season already for them as they’ve only had 11 total points and 426 yards while giving up 11 sacks and wracking up 15 penalties. This week isn’t likely to change things as the Jaguars will play¬†against a 2-0 […]

What is Next for Tim Tebow?

by Debbie Baratz • September 7, 2013

For the first time since 2009, free agent quarterback Tim Tebow will not be on the sidelines with his NFL team, suited up and ready to go. Instead, he’ll be like every other football fan, in front of a TV watching Sunday’s games, but possibly waiting for the phone to ring from an NFL team, […]

Top Selling NFL Jerseys Fall 2013 Edition

by Debbie Baratz • July 26, 2013

NFL teams kicked off their training camps this week and between the upcoming camp visits as well as the regular season, fans are ready to buy their favorite jerseys for the 2013 season. Back in June, we took a look at the top-selling jerseys sold through March 31, 2013. The Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin […]

New England Patriots 2013 Training Camp Schedule

by Debbie Baratz • July 17, 2013

The New England Patriots will kick off their 2013 training camp sessions on July 26 and they will be held on the Gillette Stadium practice fields. The practices are open and free for public attendance. One difference this year is the team’s start time for practice has changed. Gone are the 1:30 p.m. ET starts […]

With Hernandez Jailed, Gronkowski on the Mend, Who Is Left to Catch Brady’s Passes?

by Debbie Baratz • July 1, 2013

With last week’s release of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, the team is now down one player in this role with all of its hopes now pinned on tight end, Rob Gronkowski. But what his 2013 season looks like remains to be seen as he is recovering from yet another surgery–a June […]

Top Selling Jerseys in the NFL 2013 Edition

by Debbie Baratz • June 19, 2013

For NFL fans, one way to show the love to their teams and players is by wearing a favorite player’s jersey. I’ll admit I don’t get the allure of why middle-aged men still do this (sure, the jerseys look cute on kids) but I may never understand it. Maybe it’s just a guy thing–even though […]

Is Tim Tebow a Good Fit for the Patriots?

by Debbie Baratz • June 14, 2013

On Tuesday morning this week, NFL fans woke up to the news that polarizing quarterback Tim Tebow had found a new job with the New England Patriots. Many scratched their heads at this, thinking this possibility couldn’t possibly be a good fit for either the player or the team, especially after Tebow’s 2012 failed New […]

Tim Tebow: Now Will the NY Jets Finally Trade Him?

by Debbie Baratz • April 24, 2013

It’s one day before the NFL Draft and most eyes are on this year’s incoming class. Some are still on New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow as questions linger, “Will he make it through the weekend on this team or will they finally part ways with him?” In Tebow’s favor, there is a weak quarterback […]

Russell Cancels His Pro Day, Tebow to Attend Upcoming Jets Workouts

by Debbie Baratz • April 8, 2013

Russell Cancels His Pro Day Looking for another NFL chance, quarterback Ja’Marcus Russell has been working hard and losing weight (30 pounds and counting). But now that draft day is getting closer and teams are signing free agents, the player has decided to cancel his own Wednesday pro day, reported SFGate.com. Instead he will work […]

Open Competition for Jets Quarterback Position

by Debbie Baratz • March 19, 2013

After New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s dismal 2012 season, it’s no surprise that his coach Rex Ryan has said the player’s job is up for grabs. This comes as the team’s new offensive coordinator¬†Marty Mornhinweg said earlier in the month that Sanchez had a bit of an edge over his competition. Fast forward to […]