Teams Appear Interested in QB Flynn

After entering 2012 with high hopes to become a starting NFL quarterback, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn saw this opportunity go out the door once quarterback Russell Wilson proved himself in the last preseason. The rest is history.

Fortunately for Flynn, a few teams have expressed interest in trading for him.

According to’s Jason Canfora, they include the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders. Canfora makes a case for the Jaguars by noting Flynn’s connection to the team’s coach Gus Bradley, formerly the Seahawk’s defensive coordinator. The team does have a starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, but he’s mediocre and could use a push since back up Chad Henne may not be doing so.

And then there’s the money part of the equation. The Jaguars do have cap space.

Of course all three of these teams could instead draft a quarterback next month. The Bills have been busy hosting private workouts for NFL wannbes including Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel and Landry Jones. They recently got rid of starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who already landed on his feet with the Tennessee Titans.

The Raiders have back up quarterback Terrelle Pryor hoping this is his year to shine and quarterback Carson Palmer, who is still on their roster. For now.

Then again, the Seahawks have said they’re happy to keep Flynn as a back up even though he’s been open about his desire to not be one. He is expensive with his 2013 salary of $5.25 million. But compared to Wilson, who will earn $526,217 in this upcoming season, it’s not so bad.

Hasselbeck Shocked by Titans’ Cut

It’s been over week since the Tennessee Titans cut back up quarterback Matt Hasselbeck but the player is still shocked by it.

On Tuesday he said to the Tennessean, “I’m still in shock a little bit. It happened so fast. But there’s no reason for anyone to feel bad for me; I’ve sort of sensed that at times when I’ve talked to friends and teammates. It’s unfortunate it went down the way it did, and it’s hard on the kids. But you have to move on and I have to focus on all the good that came from the experience here in Nashville.”

Fortunately for Hasselbeck, he immediately was grabbed by another team for a two-year deal, the Indianapolis Colts.

While the player has no ill will toward the Titans, he was scratching his head about the Fitzpatrick addition.

He added, “The only ‘Hmmm’ thing I ever had really is when Fitzpatrick’s deal, hours later, was a half-million more than I was ever offered. Maybe that just meant they had more wiggle room and we never got to that point, I don’t know.

“But I‘ve already reached out to Ryan. I know him. He’s a great guy, a super smart guy. He is a good player, and I think he’ll get along great with those guys. It’s not like they are getting a stiff.”