It was only a matter of time before questions would be asked on whether Seattle Seahawks backup Matt Flynn should be the team’s quarterback. But is there really a need to make a change?

After an impressive preseason, rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has been struggling lately and questions are rising.

On Sunday, the Seahawks lost 19-13 and are now 2-2. Wilson went 17 for 25, 160 yards, 0 touchdowns and three picks.

On Monday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll addressed the question and said to The News Tribune, “We’re going with Russell right now. He’s working his tail off to get it right, and where all of the focus goes to the quarterback position, there’s a lot of guys who figure into what’s going on, and he’s one of them. So we’re just trying to get better.”

Should Carroll want to insert Flynn as the starter, there is one little problem: He’s had a little elbow injury.

On Monday, Carroll explained, “We have a little bit of a problem with Matt. Matt’s still not full speed, and anybody that thinks, ‘OK, let’s go with the other guy,’ well, he can’t practice yet. He can go in and throw it and make it through a game. He can throw it. He throws 15 throws a day, a couple days a week. And so that’s not really enough to get him ready to go in a game plan.”

You couldn’t help but wonder if things would be different in things were up to speed for the starter wannabe.

One more poor week of play by Wilson and Carroll could be singing a different tune.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions continue to disappoint this season but well, when you’re a diehard Lions fans, the 1-3 record maybe doesn’t really come as too much of a surprise.

Given the team’s history, you have to assume low expectations are in order and on Tuesday, Lions president Tom Lewand said his team can change things around.

Lewand said via the Detroit Free Press on Tuesday“As I stand here before you today at 1-3, it doesn’t faze us. We understand that we’re not where we want to be. This is not where we expected to be one quarter of the way into the 2012 NFL season. But we also know it’s a different 1-3 than we’ve experienced in the past.”

Maybe because they have Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson? But it doesn’t mean that Lewand doesn’t recognize the team has problems.

He added, “I have confidence in Jim and our staff and our players. They’ve got a lot of pride and we have a lot of talent and the things that we experienced the first four weeks, really, cause I’ll include Week 1, too, are things that are identifiable and that are correctable.”

What’s correctable? How about the NFL-record four return touchdowns in the last two weeks that Lions have given up against the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings.

Lewand referred to them as “unacceptable, unconscionable” but did not say major change is coming for the team.