For the first time since 2009, free agent quarterback Tim Tebow will not be on the sidelines with his NFL team, suited up and ready to go.

Instead, he’ll be like every other football fan, in front of a TV watching Sunday’s games, but possibly waiting for the phone to ring from an NFL team, presenting an opportunity.

His phone may remain silent.

On Thursday’s NBC “2013 NFL Kickoff ” show, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King said that a league team had expressed an interest in Tebow to try out for a position but it was not for a quarterback. He neither disclosed the team’s name nor position. Many have speculated it was a tight end opportunity.

Tebow was allegedly not interested and has stubbornly maintained he wants to continue playing quarterback. In the NFL. This doesn’t include a position with a team in either the Canadian Football League or the Arena League.

The quarterback is recently unemployed. Just last weekend, he was released by the New England Patriots as they finalized their 53-man roster. He took to Twitter after his release and tweeted, “I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.”

The player has said he doesn’t worry about the future as he doesn’t have control over it. He said via, “It’s something I try to live by. It really gives you a lot of peace in whatever circumstance I’m in.”

But realistically, what’s next for this player after you could say he has “failed” with the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets and now the Patriots?

The fact that playing under the coach who drafted him, Josh McDaniels, on two teams has not panned out as well as his former offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, now the San Diego Chargers head coach, not expressing interest in him does not bode well. The home team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, have adamantly said no to a Tebow addition.

His options appear limited at best.

There’s always the outside chance the Patriots could call should either quarterback Tom Brady or Ryan Mallett go down with an injury. Fortunaely, Tebow has at least one fan on the team, Patriots owner Robert Kraft. That may not be enough.

On Friday, former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner offered some unsolicited advice to Tebow on the Dan Patrick Show. Speaking from his own experience, where he was cut by the Green Bay Packers and then subsequently played in Arena Football and NFL Europe, before returning to the NFL and finding success, he think it’s a good thing Tebow was cut by the Patriots.

Why? Had he made the Patriots, he would have sat on the bench and watched Brady play all season, again not getting any playing time. Warner thinks that by having Tebow head to either to the CFL or Arena football, he’ll gain much-needed experience.

He said via the Dan Patrick Show, “If that’s what your dream is and you want to keep pursuing it, find somewhere else to play. A key for me was to get reps. I needed to see things that I couldn’t see standing on the sidelines. That’s where guys like Tim Tebow are: We know he’s a work in progress, but the only way to get that progress is to find situations and to play.”

Warner added that if Tebow seriously wants to become a league quarterback, he should showcase what he can do while playing for a minor league.

While it’s great Tebow knows what he wants to do when he grows up, for him is it three strikes and you’re out?

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Tebow in the NFL. The question is will his return be sooner or later?