Each week, fantasy football player comb different websites for statistics, news and outlooks for the upcoming week. They will try to find as much key information to help them determine which players make their rosters. But equally important is the website that the league plays on for the season.

Not all of them are created equally.

Over at Reddit recently, a fantasy football team a held a discussion regarding which website is the best for playing fantasy football. They looked at a number of factors including best interface, best mobile app and best tools–just to name a few.

Take a look at the results/comments/opinions as divided by CBS, ESPN,  NFL.com, and Yahoo.


  • CBS servers often lag behind and the app isn’t so great.
  • Its fantasy app is “gorgeous, fast, and filled with all of that great analysis yet still easy to handle. It’s a pure pleasure to use.”
  • Visually it’s blase.
  • A thumb’s up for the site’s layout, and imo.


  • Best iPad app
  • Ugly website but functional
  • While it works,the Android app is barebones and lags behind the iPad app. One player called it terrible.
  • The only website with a Windows Phone app
  • The fantasycast option is helpful as it allows you to stay on top of multiple games simultaneously.
  • As compared to Yahoo!, it has less game-day crashes, faster upates and overall, better looking.
  • Enjoys the layout of the info when clicking on a player as it shows all previous scores for the season (without scrolling), this week’s projection for this week and a blurb about expectations for the player this week.


  • Attractive but buggy website
  • Horrible apps
  • Has the worst projections and useless fantasy advice already built in (e.g. “start/sit” columns always have comments like “start Calvin Johnson”) and their “sleepers” are usually late by a week.


  • Attractive website
  • iPad app looks okay but a lot of features are absent such as player sorting options, etc. Android is similar.
  • No Windows Phone app, but it includesthe third party option, StatGnome.
  • Big negative: you cannot set multiple waiver claims dropping the same player or prioritizing a drop can’t be done. This could be fixed in 2014 after all of the complaints. Meanwhile, ESPN allows you to easily do this (e.g. add A drop X, add B drop X, add B drop Y).
  • Player notes from Rotoworld can be opinionated but so is ESPN.
  • Sometimes there’s too much player information; it may dissuade people from trades.
  • The interface is preferable to ESPN’s.
  • One fantasy player wrote, “I tend to get lost with Yahoo, not as clean cut.”
  • The site includes the current matchups front and center, and below that, the detailed standings. Looking at next week’s matchup is easy to do as well as the transactions.
  • Scores are not auto-refreshed.

While this question is best answered by it’s personal preference, you can clearly see some of the benefits from one site versus another.