Just as many of us have insurance for our homes (please don’t steal my TV during football season) as well as our prized NFL memorabilia, now there’s a Long Island, New York-based insurance agency that offers insurance for fantasy football.

Called Fantasy Sports Insurance (FSI), Henry Olszewski, a traditional insurance broker with Intermarket Insurance Agency Inc., came up with the idea in 2008 when his fantasy quarterback, New England Patriots Tom Brady, went down for the season with a knee injury in Week 1.

This was his a ha! moment for the insurance. He said via NPR.org, “And it kind of just hit me. Could this be an opportunity to put together a program to cover fantasy team owners against these type of injuries?”

Here’s how it works.

The fantasy football insurance will cost 10 percent of the coverage amounts selected along with a service fee. Let’s say you’re a fantasy manager and you’re paying $100 to play in a league. You can purchase fantasy insurance from Olszewski for $10 (plus a fee). If your star player sees his season end, then Olszewski will pay $100 to you, according to NPR.

This is legit as FSI really is insurance as it’s underwritten by an A-rated carrier. Insurance holders will receive a policy document including the players’ names that will be insured. After the regular NFL season ends, all claims will be paid by check 30 days later.

In addition, the website says FSI “returns your financial investment in your fantasy league, should your key player(s) suffer a ‘season changing’ injury.Re-coup all costs you have incurred in fielding your fantasy team and continue with your season and–maybe the best part of FSI–lessen the disappointment and aggravation of losing your top fantasy player(s).”

For this 2013 season, guess who fantasy owners are insuring? Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. But if he’s not on your team, there’s 89 other players that can be insured as listed on the website.

It also discloses that in 2012, it paid out more then $15,000 in losses from injuries to key players.

And for the fantasy junkie in all of us, there’s more than just FSI to help you deal with your fantasy team struggles. There’s also fantasydispute.com, which has a judge to settle fantasy league disputes such as managers cutting deals on the side for trades.

With LeagueSafe, it will hold fantasy league entry fees and manage payouts for them. It doesn’t charge a fee.

While this can’t help fantasy players from becoming angry and losing some money, these tools will at least soften the blow and make things easier.